Just flaming wear it!


So I’m sure I am not the only one who is guilty of this…

I have so many items in my wardrobe that I have purchased because I have completely fallen in love with them, totally fantasized about the item changing my life and imagining when and wear I would wow everyone by wearing it. Only to hear that little voice that often spoils the fantasy by whispering “is it a bit much?” or “where will you put the wipes?” Sometimes it was  just a doubtful “hmm”. I often quieten that voice by convincing myself that I will save it for a glamorous occasion (because they happen so often these days) and pop it to the back of the wardrobe. Having brought these items because they called out to me and made me smile, I abandon them because self doubt creeps in.

Well this year I made a promise to myself. “Just flaming wear it”. In reality, I am  a busy mum, not a girl about town showing off her outfits, but who says I have to give up on those happy clothes? I’m the only one who is stopping myself from enjoying these lovely pieces. I vowed to just wear what I love and not give a toss! Pardon the uncouth expression! Who cares what people think? Who cares if it ends up being covered in mud/snot/raisins? Who cares if the only people that see it is the Hermes lady and the lollipop man? Who cares if all I’m doing in it is picking up Lego and changing beds?


So I begun to go for it and start to wear more of my beloved but slightly bolder pieces in my everyday life. The reaction I received was massively positive and so many women exclaimed “oh I wish I could wear things like that”. This then cued a conversation about why they couldn’t and I’m delighted to say a couple of them even went out and purchased items they didn’t think they could wear such as dungarees and leopard print boots, after our little chats. They delighted in showing them off to me and I was thrilled for them but also had such a feeling of contentment knowing that I had helped them to bring some joy into their wardrobe.

So what are these pieces?

The sequin skirt


I had admired this beauty for weeks but just couldn’t justify buying it when I received a voucher. I thought to myself, you have to get the damned skirt and so I did. After twirling around like a child and hearing my daughter gasp at its shininess, I knew I had made the right choice. The key to this piece is toning done the glitz with more casual items such as a stripey tee and converse. Voila! Totally wearable and  you just can’t be miserable in this skirt, I defy you!


The Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat


For as long as I can remember I have admired the leopard print coats worn by the likes of the effortlessly cool Kate Moss. This winter I found my dream one in the form of this New Look beauty. I was instantly in love with it but found myself wondering if I could really pull it off?  Well after layering it up and just going with it, I found I totally could. You see it is only ourselves who stop us. I am a total over thinker and this leads me to the path of questioning everything! What a waste of energy? I now wear it with my rockier outfits for that Kate vibe but it looks equally as gorgeous with a little vintage dress or my favorite jeans and stripes.

The embroidered jacket


This beauty stole my heart when I spotted it online. I loved the vibrancy as well as the cheeky slogan. It arrived and I felt my pulse race as I unwrapped it. Throwing it on enthusiastically, I rushed to the mirror. There was that voice again, I suddenly doubted the oversize cut and the bold image. I was worried that maybe I wasn’t “cool” enough to pull it off, however I knew I couldn’t part with it so in a bittersweet moment I hung it neatly alongside its new pals in my wardrobe. Then, the new collections began to filter onto the high street and embroidery was HUGE, what with my new outlook and a sense of creative determination, I dug it back out and cursed myself for ever doubting it. You see, my head had over ruled my heart and we all know the heart should almost always be allowed to win. I mean, check me out above, sequin skirt and embroidered jacket in one outfit!


I guess I am trying to explain that it is only ourselves and our preconceived ideas of what is appropriate for us and our daily lives that sometimes mean we miss out on opportunities for real self expression and well frankly, fun! Clothes should be an extension of yourself and tell your story. That story is not always going to be a fairy tale and won’t always call for a sparkly skirt but at least when it does, be bold and “just flaming wear it”. These pieces can always be tamed for a more every day look by teaming them with simpler items. Don’t miss out, wear what you love. Liberate those gorgeous threads and don’t save them for your Sunday best.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts and even better see you “just flaming wearing it”.

If you have been inspired and would like to shop my look….

Sparkly sequins from h&m


Currently on sale in store only for £10!



Leopard print loveliness

Unfortunately my jacket has sold out but this beauty from Next is still available.

Denim jacket of dreams


8 thoughts on “Just flaming wear it!

  1. Great post lovely! I have felt the same on countless occasions and just gone for jeans instead but since challenging myself to do an OOTD on instagram my wardrobe is getting more of a workout as is my self expression. It has felt even more important to claim something of me and show it to the world since becoming a mum. As I explained to my children when they didn’t want me to go off on my own to meet up with a friend recently that although I am their Mummy and always will be, I am also a person called Louise. And Louise likes seeing her friends and clothes and dressing up and feeling good about herself!

    So yes, I whole heartedly agree get dressed up, wear what you love whenever you like, there are no rules just get out there!



    1. I couldn’t have put it better myself! I’ve had an amazing response from my blog because I think there are so many women who feel the same . It’s easy to put yourself aside when you have little ones to look after. So good to hear you are rocking it Hun xxx


  2. This is sooooooo true!! I am reading this an nodding my head wildly (admittedly I look very strange) in agreeance to what you are saying. I think we all are so busy wondering what everyone else thinks that we forget to just wear what we want. I admit that there has been so many times that I have rushed out to buy something I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear. The only problem is when I get home I have a complete crisis of confidence and feel like a sack of potatoes and confine said offending item to the back of my wardrobe as I can’t even stand the thought of the shop assistant raising her eyebrows at me as I return it to the shop ( I always think they are secretly thinking “she is too old, too fat, too boring ” to be wearing this).
    We should all follow your lead and just wear it!


    1. Thank you so much for reading, I think it’s easier said than done but once you do it, you wonder why you ever worried! Life’s too short as they say! Enjoy fashion and live for the now xx


  3. Wow love this I was as u say stuck In a rutt always wore things that I felt others wouldn’t judge me I have always like bold and colourful patterns but always kept to the same style. Then I added u on here and the inspiration was fabulous and I am slowly adding new things to my wardrobe I wore a shirt today 😊 my little boy thought I looked like a boy I’m not gonna lie it hurt even though his only 6 but I embraced the fact that it was change and I liked it. I now also own a leopard print blouse and a few other printed blouses which I would never have chosen before. You are fabulous I enjoy seeing ur posts on here and love getting new ideas 😊


    1. This has really made my day, thank you so so much! I’m so pleased that you have found it inspiring and really so chuffed that you have been enjoying fashion again xxx


  4. The sequin skirt is one i looked at myself but darent buy it worried about what my friends would think- it’s a non purchase I live to regret to this day! I gave others thoughts too much power and didn’t make myself happy! Love this post and the message you are sending 😘


    1. It takes time, I think, to change your mind set and just wear what makes you happy! get yourself on eBay and search for the skirt! You will see me rocking it with my Dalmatian fur in the winter 😜 Thanks for reading darling 😘


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