The Girl In The Green Dress

IMG_6254.JPG“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” – Marc Jacobs 

Vintage fashion has always inspired me. The way in which you get to travel through time via a beautiful piece of clothing or a wonderfully made accessory. It is like dressing up in days gone by and breathing life into forgotten items. As an old romantic, I fantasise about the stories these items could tell, the sights they saw and how different the world was, back when they were in Vogue!

It was on pondering this one day, the room lit with hazy sunshine, myself admiring the print on my “new” vintage maxi dress, that I realised, maybe I should put these fantasies down on paper and let these beloved pieces come to life for you all too.

Therefore, I thought it only fitting that I begin with the green dress’ tale. Put your feet up somewhere comfy, stick the kettle on and I shall begin…



It was the summer of 1972, a hot balmy summer. The type that had people spilling out into the streets, too hot to stay inside. Music poured out of windows and every evening became a party.

One of these very evenings was where Lori would meet her future,  underneath the stars. She hadn’t been looking for it but somehow it had found her!

The night began like any other, chatting with her girlfriends, when a silhouette of a tall man appeared, the street light’s glow behind him. As he approached the group of young women, they fell silent. Dressed in some rather fetching flares, he looked every bit the heart throb but his nerves were written across his face for all to see. It made him even more charming! He spoke in a soft voice, staring over at Lori, “please excuse my forwardness, but I couldn’t help notice you, you really are quite beautiful and I couldn’t leave before I had spoken to you”. Stunned into silence, Lori looked up to see her admirer and was taken back with just how handsome he was. The girls tried to stifle their giggles as she thought of a reply.

They spoke for hours that evening. The dashing gent in the flares was named Clint, he was quietly charming and boyishly handsome and Lori could not stop the smile from spreading across her face as they spoke into the small hours. Fixing a date to see each other again, they parted with a small kiss, both feeling like this was the start of something quite exciting!


Lori flicked through the rail of dresses, deciding on one to wear for her official date with the man she could not stop thinking about. She had never thought herself to be a giddy girl, her friends teased her about her seriousness sometimes but today she felt her head was completely in the clouds!

Her hands fell upon the the green dress that she had saved three weeks for. The shop on the high street had held it for her after she had fallen in love with it so deeply, just as she was beginning to feel she may with Clint.

The time to get ready arrived, along with the butterflies. Lori pulled on the beautiful flowing green maxi dress. Her shaking fingers were struggling to button the cuffs. Calming herself, she admired her reflection. She loved the way it fell to her feet with her mustard peeptoes peeking out from underneath the printed fabric. The vibrant print that reminded her of a team of little people, all cheering her on to go out and chase happiness.


Before she knew it, there was a knock at her door. She waited for the beating in her chest to calm a little. Grabbing her oversized sunglasses to hide her blushes and the straw basket she had packed with a gingham picnic blanket and her attempt at homemade scones. She took a deep breath and thought to herself, here we go…


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed a little old fashioned romance. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Big love

Allie x


6 thoughts on “The Girl In The Green Dress

  1. Oh my word.. I want to know more of what happens to Lori next! I hope this is just instalment 1 of many!
    Beautiful writing full of young hope and frivolity xxx


  2. So I only bloody well signed up to this WordPress malarky so I could leave a comment 🤣 I loved it but I do have a complaint; it didn’t last long enough!! In the words of one of my all time favourite characters… “don’t care how, I WANT IT NOW!” X


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