Barbie Shoes and Squares of Joy!

IMG_8591.JPGThis outfit is one of those that just feels like “me”. I picked up these little vintage shoes (Barbie would be green with envy) for five whole pounds from EBay and have loved them dearly ever since!


Then as I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across this little gem of a shirt being sold on a lovely lady’s preloved page….£3.50 for such happiness! I was sold! When it arrived, it was a perfect match.


I teamed it with one of my favourite vintage bags which I inherited from my husband’s grandmother. I really love the way the curved shape of the handbag compliments the angular feel of the shirt.


This charming little vintage belt was found for 99p in a charity shop and I love the way it ties the look together with the gold picking out the buttons on the shirt. Belts are always a great way of updating or completing a look and charity shops are full of cheap and cheerful ones!


I also love this shirt and shoe combination with my vintage Jaegar pleated skirt which I found in The British Heart Foundation charity store for £7. This outfit makes me feel like a 1960s secretary…now where is my typewriter?


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