Go Green!

IMG_8592.JPGGreen is my colour. The colour I am always drawn to. The colour that makes me go “oooh”. In particular, what a good friend and I refer to as “Dunlop green”,  the real deep grass green of tennis courts and the trusty old retro trainers that I used to live in, back in the day!


If you think about it, so many of the good things in life are this shade of loveliness. Green gardens, green apples, the Incredible Hulk! It is the colour that always perks me up and makes me smile and a pop of green goes a long way in the style stakes too!


Shopping a little greener is also something I have been trying to do more of.  I have tried to slow my fashion down this year and in doing so I have created a wardrobe of individual pieces that “sing” to me for their originality! These items were sourced from charity shops, vintage stores, preloved sites such as eBay and Depop, preloved/vintage pop up shops and some were even found in my Father-in-Law’s loft! These items may well have ended up as rags or on a land fill somewhere, it makes me so happy to give them a new life and I get so much joy from them that everyone is a winner!


There are so many benefits to this way of shopping. Firstly, value for money is incredible, the quality of fabrics in older garments is far superior on the whole (they’ve stood the test of time after all) and you undoubtedly get more for your money.

You can be pretty sure that nobody will be turning up to your event in the same outfit when you shop vintage, always a bonus.

You buy what you love, things that catch your eye, that call out to you, rather than being influenced by trends. Therefore, your outfits become more of a reflection of your personality and who you are.


Please don’t  think I dislike the idea of trends but I don’t want to be confined to them when I shop. I love the thrill of going on a treasure hunt, the surprise and excitement of the unknown!


And of course, the environment, by using items that are already out there, waiting to be loved again, we are saving the massive level of waste that is created by fast fashion.


I would love it if I have inspired you to think about adding to your wardrobe a little differently. The most exciting outfits are those that are unexpected, imagine going shopping and having no idea what you will find in the shops!


I would love to hear your views on this subject and please if you do get out there and find some gems, I would be so excited to see them!

Big Love

Allie x


2 thoughts on “Go Green!

  1. Allie! Cool blog and nice to put a face to the Ebay chats we’ve had! Mucho coolio, keep up the good work being green and wearing green!


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