Name in lights!

When you were little, taking on a new character for the day was encouraged, the dress up rail was there to help you live out your dreams. Dressed as your alter ego you could live out your wildest fantasies. As you grow, life can sometimes become quite serious, which is exactly the reason why I love dressing to evoke that feeling of freedom! To feel like you are a character in your own movie! Therefore, I am always on the hunt for dramatic pieces to transport me with their boldness.


So, when I found this amazing number, I was pretty darn thrilled! A little black dress, this is not. This amazing vintage 1970’s maxi dress packs a punch! The dagger collar, the balloon sleeves and the lashings of skirt combine to make a girl feel pretty spectacular!


It ticks all the boxes for me, it’s elegance excites me, the sillouhette flatters me, it’s history inspires me and overall it makes me really smile! I envisage myself running wildly through the moors singing “Heathcliff” looking for my long lost love or chasing up an impressive staircase with the reams of fabric chasing after me as I discover my Prince Charming turns out to be a cad! Me, a fantasist? Never!


Whatever it is, that makes you feel like a siren, the lead in your own blockbuster, the headliner of your life, wear it and own it! Let everyone else grab their popcorn and watch you being fabulous!


Don’t get me started on the shoes….

I would love to hear your thoughts as always, especially which items in your wardrobe give you that “starlet effect”.

Big love

Allie xx


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